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Glossary Hair & Co. is passionate about beautiful hair. 

Glossary is cruelty free and focused on sustainability. We choose products that help us do good. 

We know a hair appointment can be intimidating. We are committed to building a safer space for all individuals, and making your visit to our Hair Home a happy one. 

The Talented Team at Glossary Hair & Co.

Sharon- $95/hr.

  • Lived in Blonding
  • Vivids
  • Curl Cutting & Colouring

Sharon Lytle has been in the beauty industry for almost 25 years. While she’s still working at her first love- seeing clients behind the chair- 3 days a week, she’s very excited to step into her new role, focusing on the growth of stylists around her.

Sharon specializes in lived in, low maintenance colour work, and curly cuts. Sharon believes that hair doesn’t need to be complicated, and loves creating colours and shapes that are gorgeous, versatile, and are easy to maintain at home.

As a busy mom, Sharon knows how important time is, and takes the time you choose to spend with her very seriously.

Gloria- $90/hr.

  • Lived in Blondes
  • Barbering Services
  • Fades
Meet our skilled and passionate stylist Gloria Street, with over 17 years of expertise in the beauty industry. She is a well-rounded professional, specializing in various areas to cater to the unique preferences of each guest. With a genuine love for every aspect of her job, her ultimate goal is to ensure guests feel fantastic throughout their entire salon experience.  
Gloria has a talent for creating lived-in, natural-looking styles and wearable looks, she adds a touch of flair with pops of color when desired.
Every visit is embraced with her warm and welcoming smile, creating an inviting atmosphere for our valued clientele. 

Cassi- $70/hr.

  • Vivid work
  • Brunettes
  • Transformations

Cassandra Bisson has been been a hairstylist for over a decade. While Cassi is visiting with her clients, her priority is making sure everyone feels heard, and valued. Cassi has great passion for everything she does, and it shows in every look she creates. 

Cassi has found her calling in transformative colour services. She truly enjoys watching her guests gain new life along with a new look. 

Recently, Cassi’s area of genius has been working with vivid colours, as well as with natural tones. 

Cassi loves connecting with her clients while chatting about recent books she’s read, her upcoming wedding, or by making sense of our inner world via the star signs. 

Emma- $50/hr.

  • Clipper Cuts
  • Trimmer Designs
  • Vivids

Since starting her journey 5 years ago, Emma Hirst has been taking the hair world by storm. 

Since mastering the concepts of creating beautiful colours for her clientele, her focus lately has been barbering services. Emma’s design skills with a T blade are second to none, and her creativity is incredible. If you’re looking for a fade, or precision clipper work, consider yourself safe in Emma’s steady hands. 

An avid skiier, when not behind the chair you can find Emma on the slopes in the winter. in Summer you can catch Emma downtown Kincardine promting other business, or with her nose in a book at the beach. 

Anna-Elise -$40/hr.

  • Curls
  • Naturals, Reds & Coppers

Anna-Elise graduated from Niagara College in 2023 and is so excited to begin her journey as a hairstylist.

Anna-Elise adores bringing her client’s vision to life, whether that be through hair cutting or colouring.

Her passion for creating beautiful reds and coppers started at a young age with trialing them on her own hair.

Taylor Swift and yummy food hold half her heart while the other half is filled with love for hair, learning, and her clients

Rachel – Independent

(price quote upon consultation.)

Rachel Pagett is a mobile hairstylist who is based out of Toronto. She comes to visit Glossary Hair & Co. every 8 weeks.

Rachel is an extremely talented artist that brings huge energy to the salon, along with her extensive knowledge and skills.

Rachel has taught for Aveda, and has worked in developing and testing leading industry products.  Other credits include television guest spots, as well as participating in Celebrity fundraisers and fashion shows.

Emily- Co-Op

Emily Quackenbush is joining us this spring to learn about the hair industry! She is most passionate about nail art and care, and has  enrolled in training to pursue her interests. 

While we will be putting in our best efforts to turn her, we are very excited to support her. (New services coming soon!)

Emily is truly a breath of fresh air with her shining personality and positive attitude. 

Luna – Snuggles are free.

Luna Lytle takes her job as “Greeter” at Glossary Hair & Co. very seriously. While previously expected to go far as an official therapy pup, Luna has proven to be a woman very much of her own mind, much like her mama. 

As well as the attention from her adoring Glossary visitors, Luna enjoys long walks on the beach, barking at the wind, and chasing seagulls. 

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